July 06, 2021

Do you know what is an internati...

2021 has long been quietly coming, in our country's international trade soars year after year, but do you know what is the international freight forwarding company? Freight forwarding company as a key step in international trade, can be said to have a very large effect in this. But not this circle of people, most are still not quite grasp this position. Today, we will take the group together into the international freight forwarding company in this field.

The field of international freight forwarding refers to the acceptance of import and export trade goods consignee, consignor and other consignor's authorization, in the name of the trustee or in the name of their own institutions and operations of international freight transport and related business processes, and in the international flow of goods to give personalized services in the field of freight logistics.

Definition of international freight forwarding: international freight forwarding business process as the key service items of the company called international freight forwarding. International Freight Forwarding Research Association Committee (FIATA) will be defined as: international freight forwarding means that in accordance with the customer's label and in order to better customer rights and interests, they are not the shipper's people. According to this standard, international freight forwarders can also engage in activities related to the subject of the contract of carriage of goods, such as warehousing logistics (also includes warehousing logistics), export customs clearance, engineering acceptance, collection, etc.

The scope of international freight forwarding services: foreign haulage, foreign export customs clearance, sea freight booking, packaging, China customs clearance, China warehousing logistics, China distribution, etc.

After centuries of practical activities, along with the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction in different historical periods, international freight forwarding has long developed from the original consignee agent to the defendant party of the cargo transportation contract, and then developed to the third party logistics dealer to the supply chain management service provider, whose business scope is very common. It not only contains a series of services related to the international delivery of the subject activities, such as the traditional type of import and export trade freight express, sea freight booking, towing, warehousing logistics, packaging, control / unloading off, transfer stations, delivery, customs clearance, freight insurance, etc., but also contains international modern logistics, exhibitions and delivery of objects in person, international courier companies, third-party logistics and other emerging business processes.


The term "freight forwarding" has two meanings: one is freight forwarding, the second is the field of freight forwarding, so the characteristics of international freight forwarding can also be understood from the perspective of international freight forwarding and international freight forwarding field.

The essence of international freight forwarding is attributed to the freight forwarder, that is, the consignor (consignor or consignee) of the principal. Being a principal, it is an intermediary service for freight transport in liaison with the consignor, consignee and shipper.

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